Child and Family Therapy Services

About ECMHP Child and Family Therapy

Our ECMHP Child and Family Therapy program was created to help children and families who have been affected by violence. Our therapy services have grown to serve 40 families every month. We have a team of 35 child and family therapists serving children and families across West Contra Costa County.

Services are free of charge for Medi-cal eligible children and services are available in Spanish and English.

How We Help

Our therapists support the caregivers to reduce their stress and learn how to support and better understand their children. Each therapist is specially trained in how to help families with very young children from birth to six years old.

Therapy with the parent and child together:

  • Helps the adult feel more confident in caring for their child.
  • Supports children and families to talk about scary things and teach skills to help the family feel safe again.
  • Helps children learn to express themselves in safe ways.
  • Supports families to reunite after separations.
  • Supports the parent and the child to better understand each other.

For more information about our ECMHP Child and Family Therapy services, contact us at our main office or make an appointment request online. All inquiries are kept private.  We’re here to help.

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