Child Care Solutions

What is Child Care Solutions?

Child Care Solutions (CCS) provides early childhood mental health consultation for community preschools. Our professional consultants work collaboratively with early care and education staff – and families – to improve their ability to prevent, identify, and respond to mental health issues among children in their care. In contrast to direct therapeutic services, these services serve to improve the ability of preschool staff to apply effective interventions to all students – not just the ones they originally sought help for. The services reduce expulsion and help provide children and families in need with guidance and support at a time when it can be most important to intervene.

Upon referral through a licensed child care provider and with parental permission, Child Care Solutions consultants can offer services that include an initial observation and assessment of a child in the child care setting, on-site consultation with staff, brief counseling for the family, support for supervisors and program directors, in-service training for staff members as requested, and referrals to community resources.

How We Help

Our Child Care Solutions team works with teachers, preschool directors, as well as families. Our team helps support children in the classroom and to build a web of support for a struggling child.  With a parent’s permission, our consultants will come to the school and provide:

  • Initial observation and assessment of the child in the childcare setting.
  • Onsite consultation with staff.
  • Support for supervisors and program directors.
  • In-service training for school staff members.
  • Referrals to other community resources.

Our goal is to work together with teachers and parents to find solutions to the developmental, social, and emotional problems of the child. Contact us to schedule a visit with one of our consultants.

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